The Journey Begins

My first ever go in a go kart at top gear karting Durham

Catherine was inspired by a local boy Charlie Fagg a Gt3 racer. He father David, taught Charlie to drive got him through his driving test. Catherine would follow Charlie’s posts and even travel to Donnington Park to watch him race.

This video was her 10th birthday present, she absolutely loved it so she persuaded her Dad to keep taking her after school on a Friday night.

Week by week she was getting faster so we decided to try Team sport Newcastle. Shortly after this Charlie came to help coach Catherine at Karting North East Warden law. Catherine absolutely loved it. This was when we made the decision to buy a kart so she could go to the great outdoors more often.

Catherine is on her 3rd chassis and now running a Project1 with a 200cc pro extreme engine reaching speeds up to 60MPH

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