CharleyLaw anti bullying Campaign.

Charley took her own life when she was Similar age to Catherine and has also been a victim of bullying. Catherine will now continue to support this campaign by always having Charley ride along with her. Be it in spirit or in an image. These two will work together to stop more children taking there life too early.

We will keep updating this page with the latest information on the cause. Alternatively search Charley Law on Facebook.

CharleyLaw is being set up to change the way that every “Professional” service deals with mental health in young people.

There are 4 main points that we are trying to establish as law.

  1. When a young person seeks help, they have an initial assessment within 1 month.
  2. A meeting with everyone involved in the young person life, CAMHS, Teachers, Drs, Parents, social services, needs to happen 1 month after the initial assessment.
  3. The young person should have weekly meetings, and support from 1 regular person so they can build up a rapport and build trust. If a Young person can make the effort to go school, a professional can make the effort to support them!
  4. There needs to be regular meetings with ALL professionals, as the Young person builds strength and self confidence the meetings can become less, however until the young person turns 18 they should be in an annual meeting. It costs nothing to check on a young person and make sure they are OK.

Catherines now moved up to the bigger chassis class with more power and speed. She is planning on continuing to race with Charley and making her way to the top.

If anyone feels they can help in any way by forms of sponsorship big or small that would be massively appreciated. No matter where we finish we will make as much noise as possible and do as much as we can to raise as much awareness as we can.

If anyone feels they can help Charley Law in any way also don’t hesitate to get in touch