Covid 19 project

Our community have supported us in our journey it’s now time to give something back!

How to Give back

The project is to supply as many of these swans to both the elderly and vulnerable who live in our area. They will be planted one side with a mint plant and the other flowers. These would go with essential care packages that will be delivered to the door. The smell of the mint will take away the constant smell of hand sanitiser and flowers will help with mental health.

We sold some of her hand made swan planters to to help fund the materials for project. This has gone towards buying more flowers, paint, zip ties and compost. Our goal is to make as many as possible.

This video is quite moving and shows the team effort. Proving it costs nothing to be kind.

it’s not just a racing video!!

BBC radio interview

This is what it’s all about. Giving back to the community. We had so many happy faces everyone was over the moon some were even crying. Looking forward to the next round of delivery’s
Few finishing touches then these will be ready to be sent to the vulnerable
We received a lovely warm welcome from these guys

Catherines sent unpainted swans to various care homes so some of the residents could enjoy painting there own. Not only is this a cracking idea it’s saving us stacks of time so we can simply make more. Some of the swans were used in memory gardens for those who have died.

Belmont Grange care home
This was a must as Catherine’s Grandma (Carol Potter) spent many hours volunteering in the building next door to this care home. Carol would cook hot meals for the elderly every week along with other activities. I’m sure she will be looking down on her grandkids and be extremely proud.
Catherine’s Grandad Ron has helped by planting up these hanging baskets ready for Bowburn care home.
All the family getting involved
Big thanks to Both Teesside and KNE for the supply of tyres for the project

Other mini projects

The timber for this bench along with flowers and compost was fully paid for by Catherine and her siblings. It’s located in our community centre for all to use.

Second trip to Belmont Grange care home.
We gave them a hand made planter for the residents to have fun planing.
Little something for a children’s care centre in our village
Special one of a special neighbour. Jamie is one of the pilots
We came back lol
We are giving these away to brighten up a respite care centre for children. This will brighten especially with the funky planter box. We made the bench using money tased from swan sales
Few more flowers to be donated to Bowburn care home

This is our local care home, the area where the staff go out for a well deserved five minute brake.

We decided to tidy up the planer pop in some fresh flowers, we then give it a lick of funky paint.

That little strawberry was special gift for a very special gentleman who lives in the home.

We can’t name him for legal reasons he is a resident who loved to look after this particular box, unfortunately he is now too ill to leave his room. He wishes he could he could still help look after the gardens. This will go into his room so he can look after it himself.