Catherine is trying to help fund her own racing by recycling her race tyres. At school she is leaning about global warming and land fill problems. Catherine is concerned about saving the planet and believes that throwing tyres away is simply not an option. All profits are quite simply recycled back into the rising costs of her racing.

Please note all prices include uk delivery feel free to get in touch for collection or custom orders.

Items are also available at Evreyday News Sherburn village DH6 1HA

‘Thanks for looking guys.’ Catherine.

Swan planter.

All profits from this product will be donated to our help the vulnerable and elderly in our community

Christmas Clocks

These can be customised with you family name at no extra charge.

Garage reception clocks

We can customise almost any colour or logo these look great in any reception area and a good talking point of you customers. Please get in touch via the contacts page. All only £20 each plus postage.

Orange Race tyre clock

Price includes Uk delivery.


Brighten up your home with a Catherine Potter Racing clock.

Tyre Clock Red

Price includes Uk delivery


check out her facebook page for garden ornaments.

Table Lamp Clock

Try something a little different with these unique table lamp clocks.

Table lamp clock

Price includes UK delivery


Little tyre lady

This was designed with help from Catherine’s younger sister Elizabeth. Put a smile to any garden with this decoration.

Pink bathroom tyre mirror

Pink mirror £25.00 includes delivery

Pink mirror

Price includes UK delivery